I have a slight buzz on the 5th string (A string), generally around the 5th fret, or that's where I discovered it at least.

It's not a horrible fret buzz but a noticeable one for sure. Doesn't always happen

How do I raise the action of a single string?

I tried moving the saddle both ways but not much is helping
What kind of guitar do you have?
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it might not be the action, on my guitars i sometimes get a kink in the string around the 4th fret, check the string before raising the action
holy hell I was doing the back screw on the saddles, not those two tiny ones
hope that helps
The two on either side of the saddle adjusts the height. The one in the back adjusts the intonation.
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I'm pretty sure I fixed the buzz but now I think the action is a little high

overall I'm pretty frustrated and I like the 3color Sunburst.. maybe I should return it