Ok, i'll make it brief

- i pre-ordered the m-audio jamlab. i was short on cash
- it didnt come with mixing software (i.e. audacity)
- i got audacity
- i recorded a short clip on the jamlab (which the sound skipped in and out while play)
- i imported the clip to audacity
- i got halfway through listening to the clip and it cut out to a shreaking noise

What's gone wrong?
Do i need a better program?
More computer memory?
Something wrong with the sound card?

Please any help would be greatly appreciated
Epi LP--->Digitech RP3--->Crate GT-200
Hey, could be a few things but first if you could provide a bit of info on your computer specs, that'd be great (cpu, ram, sound card, and a description of the connections getting your guitar to the computer). Thanks.
just try re importing it, or even just try playing it again. sometimes that happens to me in audacity, and its just a quick error that isnt a problem. i dont know why it happens, but for me it usually is fine when i try to re import or replay the clip.