so how exactly DO you lower the action on an acoustic? i know you have to file down that bone part on the bridge but how do you get it out without killing your guitar? and how much do you file down? anyone?
well, from what i hear, you just file/sand it down as much as you want (i'm not sure about ways to remove it)

but the point is, lower it to your liking, and if you fook it up, you can just buy a new one for a few bucks.
well, u take off the strings, or move them and the saddle should come out. sometimes they are just in the notch.

tape some sand paper to a table.
draw a pencil line across the bottom, flat part of the saddle. very very small amount up from bottom.
then run the saddle across the paper until u sand to the line.
restring and see if it was enough.

there is a nice tutorial at frets.com ill see if i can find it.


here you go, make sure u continue at page 2

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Yeah, the bridge normal pulls out some pliers may be used for this (use a gentle touch).

And basically sand the bottom, dont' snad too much or else you'll need a new one.
Try tweaking the truss rod too.
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Is the action high all over the fretboard, or just at the higher frets? If it's too high all over the fretboard then the nut may be too high for you as well. If the action is too high in only the middle, or lower in the middle and higher on the other ends, then a truss rod adjustment would be needed.