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Intrigued to see how long people who post on this forum have been playing.

I've been playing for 4 years.
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well i've only been playing for a month now... i still haven't bothered finding myself a teacher, should i bother?
Just about a year.
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2 years 2 months.

edit: i think
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About a year now. w00

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2 years
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well i got my bass like 2 and a half years ago but i never really started playing it until a year later so about 1 year 6 months
5 months
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2 years 7 months
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Coming up to 3 and a half years now...

At least I think

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3 and 1/2 years tomorrow

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About 6-7 weeks, I think.

*is the least experienced in this topic so far* woot
a good 5 years or so
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Ive been playin about 1 and a half years and i never had a guitar lesson but i can play the beginning and confined by as i lay dying perfectly
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6 month's of serious playing. About a year and a half of canoodling around on bass while my main instrument was guitar / keyboard.

Same except for the guitar keyboards part pretty much. I started getting into learning some more theory and scales and stuff, trying to make new basslines and stuff like that.
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wow im shocked that im one of the most experienced ones that have posted up to date.
picked up the bass 6 years ago in music class in school and only got my first bass like two years later so ive been playin seriously for almost 4 years now(besides what i was doing in school).
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Ive been playin about 1 and a half years and i never had a guitar lesson but i can play the beginning and confined by as i lay dying perfectly

wow you really suck for how long you've been playing

ive been playing a year and a half now
A bit over a year since I got my first 'beginner package bass' and about 6 months since I got my new Ibanez, which co-insides with how long I have been playing more seriously (eg just ordered my first couple pedals -Boss compressor and Ibanez PD7 distortion, and have been doing some jaming with mates).
I've been playing for about a year and a half.
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4 years. 5 years of drums before and clarinet from 5th to 6th grade lol.
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almost 2 and a half years. serious the whole time.
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