hey guys, i know josh homme's unique tone is a secret but has anybody out there tried to replicate it?

i got pretty close by using my tele with the tone knob rolled all the way off and using a DS-1 with the tone set to max. you get a cool smooth buzz tone.

does anyone have any other EQ or equipment suggestions to capture his tone?
theres a settings thread somewhere
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a octave pedal would be useful for his tone.
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he uses a Seymour Duncan SH-11 custom custom in the bridge. If you really wanna get close to that tone it might be worth changing your bridge pickup for one of those.

As for EQ settings.. i think a lot of mids and bass should do it with low treble.
^ oh btw, if you've got a standard tele obviously you can't fit that pickup in..
yea, well i'm not really out to copy his tone. just trying to understand where peoples tone comes from in order to develop my own.

you know, "know the rules, before you break them"

anyone know what distortion he uses?
I think they use a fuzz pedal of some sort.
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I remember reading something about him using a bass amp?
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I remember reading something about him using a bass amp?

he did that in Kyuss but I don't think he does that in QOTSA
he also uses maton guitars quite a lot
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