whats the best way to learn double picking( up and down on 2 strings) and i cant do it to well.

whats the best way to learn this??

im trying to learn like light to the flies by trivium btw.


yeah like that
i find it quicker to play with all down stokes dont know the tempo though sounds pretty cool
ibanez rocks
Start with palm muting it first so you can acutaly hear the notes your playing. Do down strokes for the D string then up strokes for the A string. Trivium are in Drop D right?
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i know the song, so i'd play it full alternate picking, and only mute the low e string. This one isn't hard
It is ALL downpicked, I've seen them play it live and in a lesson for Total Guitar magazine. Here's the correct way to play it too.


PM all the 0's
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hey thanks for the help. it sounds **** loads better now that im not trying to double pick it!!

a friend of mine tabbed the song out and was playing it at school and i thought it sounded sick so i learnt it with all downstrokes and he said it was wrong and got me started on this whole double picking thing...

shouldn't have listened!!!

yeah thanks anyways dudes
But just for later, on double picking, play inside the 2 stings alternating up and down. A good example of a song like is System of a down's "Hyptnotize". The thicker string pick upwards and then downwards on the thinner string. Im not sure if that's what you were asking, but i gave it ya anyway.