I'm a circus of the damned. My imagination leads to thoughts of amusement. Behold the judged, why does she come here? I care not for her caress. I wish not to contract a distasteful ailment. "You'd be a better **** if you were dead." That statement deteriorated any confidence left in the soul. Don't worry, i'll make it up by saying, "you were the life of the party last night." The hilarity ensues. A severed head on the ballroom floor, pikey's tore her body to shreds. I declared, "The witch was not welcome..." Nothing but a corpse, the ax in her back gives me reassurance. She'll never come back, I can relax. The clowns are growing restless, we have no time for this circumstance. Leave it to rot in peace.
Maybe if depression is a genre of music. It is too dark. The song is hard to get into when it is so negative. Try to lessen that.

plz crit
Bard Morons - Tick Tock Tick Tock