hi every1,

im getting a new guitar soon and im stuck about what 2 go for! i play classic rock and grunge about equally so i need quite a good sound for those genres. i have to choose between a squier affinity telecaster and a vintage vs6 sg copy. from the reviews i have read the vs6 seems to be the better intrument but i love the looks of the tele and im not sure if the vs6 has too much of a dark, metal sound. the bands i like are along the lines of the who, the eagles, cream, pink floyd (my classic rock) but as i am in a more grungey band i will need to play things like green day and nirvana. so really i need something to cope with both these sounds without breaking every two minutes! i know the best thing is to try both guitars but they are sold in different shops so i need to be fairly definate as to which to go for before i go to the shop.

so if any tele or vs6 owners (or anyone with experience in this) could help me out with some good and bad points i would be very gratefull!
oh yeh and i will be using distortion if that makes any difference

Good: With a rosewood neck, a very versatile instrument. Good for lead, a lot of bite.

Bad: Squier instruments, although much better than in previous years, are not very high quality. With a crap amp, a tele "knockoff" will sound pretty bad.

teles are more suited to lead rock/blues/country sound, some players include brad paisley, buddy guy (using a tele deluxe as of late), jakob dylan from the wallflowers, springsteen etc.

John 5 uses a tele, but it has different pickups. He upgraded them to pickups suitable for metal.

Good luck with your guitar hunt
You can get standard teles for not much more than the squiers. I would go for that, but then again I just have a thing for teles. They rock.