Alkaline Trio can't be labelled any genre, this we know. It's usually an ongoing battle whether they're punk, emo or wateva. So wat genre shall we place them in once in for all? or shall we name a new genre for them? If so, wat shall we call it? any suggestions?
It's slightly dark pop-punk, but really just call them pop-punk. Easiest for all.
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^^wtf? how are the trio in any way shape or form whiney?!

yeah they're just pop punk.
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I think it's time people stopped assuming that 'pop-punk' has this negative stigma attached to it. To me, it simply means that it's a mix between the punk ethic/energy, and the melodies of pop music. There is some quality pop-punk out there. For me, Alkaline Trio is really a pop-punk or pop-rock band, no doubt about it. Emo doesn't even come into it.