So I just got my Traynor YCV80 in the mail, and I have my parallel FX loop set up so that it only goes through my Line 6 DL4.

The Traynor has "send trim" and "return trim" pots on the back. I assumed that since the FX loop was parellel, I could set the "Mix" control on my DL4 to 100%, and that I could control how much of the signal was mixed in with the "trim" pots.

How should I set everything up to get a 100/100 signal (100% of the clean signal mixed in with 100% of the delayed signal) and have it be the same volume as the clean signal without the effect?
^It's perfectly fine however you want it...I'd say the best spot is from 90% wet to 80% wet, but it's up to you. Just set them the way you like them.
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