Hi. I'm needing a decent noiseless pickup for my 76 strat, preferebly something hotter as I play harder rock, like a hotrail sound. I'm only replacing the bridge.
Seymour Duncan Hot Rails or Cool Rails, DiMarzio Chopper, Fast Track 1 or Fast Track 2, maybe a DiMarzio HS-3 for the traditional single coil look.
Hi, I'm Peter
^^yeah, i second the hot rails
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Thanks. I had the SD hotrail in my MIM strat and it sounded wonderful. I guess I should have mentioned that I wanted to retain the vintage look.
DiMarzio HS-3 or Virtual Blues, probably. HS-3 is what Yngwie uses in the bridge of his Strats.
Hi, I'm Peter
i X2 the virt vintage heavy blues.

looks like a single but is stacked. so its silent.

i like its output and its even got a little more bass than my rails.

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