Basiclly, i cant think of anything to learn to play.

I have been playing for 4 years, i can play stuff like SCOM, nightrain, slither, (yes i like slash).

Basiclly i need a piece which i coudl play but it will take some time to learn all the way through.
how 'bout something from a good band, like The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin? besides, chicks love that song
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can people give some song names because i dont know anything by the artist i wont know where to begin
what about 'sultans of swing' by dire straits ive started learning it myself and it seems like it might take a while to get through sultans of swing


the second solo to the pulse version of 'comfortably numb' that one will take a while to remember although UG doesnt have tab for it, ill see if i can find one, here it is
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try steve vai songs like bad horsie, blood and glory, the best 1's gotta be for the love of god by vai
steve vai rulez!
Ozzy - Mr. Crowley and Revelation (Mother Earth), I once read a young Dimebag won some kind of contest playing Revelation.