Ok so my birthday is in a few months and im llooking to get a new amp and some new pickups for my Ibanez RG170. I'm looking at getting a Peavey XXX combo because i like playing metal and rock stuff with more gain and distortion. My question is would EMG's go good with the setup im looking to get? If so what set? And could you maybee recomend a good single coil for cleans or less gain tone.

Thanx a lot

hmmm... the rg1570 is a basswood body and naturally the emg are trebleish so that would be so good. how much are you willing to spend on the pickups
Well im not 100% sure i would probly be askign for them for a presant so i guess price isnt really a factor yet. i know EMG's are pretty spendy so it doesnt really matter right now.
My understanding is that the Peavey XXX is a really bright amp, and that paired up with EMGs (I'm guessing that you're not retarded and are actually looking at buying actives), would result in a very bright sound. The basswood will help a little bit, but from what I know about it it isn't all that heavy, so that would make for a nice bright trebley lead sound, but it would suck butt for rhythm unless you have a really heavy palm mute without making it go sharp. I would recommend against it for rhythm, and it wouldn't be good at all for metalcore/nu-metal, but maybe for black metal, older rock, or some other stuff. See if you can get ahold of a basswood guitar with emgs, plug it into a XXX and see how you like it. If that's not possible, get one or the other first, try it out, and see how you like the sound. Both options are going to brighten the sound considerably, so make sure that's what you want.
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Alright so its a pretty bright sound. idk i think that i might see if i can try it out possibly before getting some because i play some nu-metal and and little rhythm so from the sounds of it they might not be for me. could you maybee suggest a differnt pickup that would give me a good range of sound from anything like system of a down, Trivium and As I lay Dying in those areas.


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i think that would be a good set up for Nu-metal but i think EMGs will kill it (and dont get the 81 pup for that set up at all....use an 85 in the bridge)

i would suggest some seymour duncans probubly a JB/59' setup....that will do System and the more modern sounding stuff really wel

i perfer EMGs over Seymours but i play alot heavier stuff than you do and SDs do great high gain and vintage gain and cleans

EMGs-great in Gain at 13 stuff..but can do alright cleans though
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i have EMGs (81-85) in my epi les paul custom into a peavey XXL and it sounds fine. from what i see the XXX is similarly setup channel-wise to the XXL, it is also all tube of course unlike the XXL. my only problem is trying to tame the 'ultra' channel or the highest gain active EQ channel. it is pretty monstrous and if you always leave your treble pickup tone knob all the way up i'd suggest (for EMGs) turning the tone knob down to between 1-3 because it can sound really bright on that channel.