Oh, Dante, they listen not
To the words that made your name
Could it be that they forgot?

Talk of Hell is not a game
All the Goths seem to think so
For your part, are you ashamed?

Durante, the seeds you sowed
Took centuries to take root
Your tale of joy, trimph, woe

Paradiso?s point is moot
Purgatorio is spurned
But Inferno gets a salute

People hear how some men burned
To them it?s simply a book
Of Hell they?re unconcerned.

Does your soul dare steal a look
Of how your Commedia
Turns to sheer gobbledygook?

If anyone would care to help me write music for this, it would be much appreciated...

It's not very good, I know, but I kinda focused more on keeping Dante's ABA BCB CDC DED etc rhyme pattern. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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now this is well cool...
based on Dante's Inferno?
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