The input to my Line 6 Uber Metal.

Heres what I think is wrong; the connections on the input have been bent and are not making proper connections, I think this because I can still get a very week signal to come through it and when I move it to a more unnatural angle I can get the full signal.

It looks like the 3rd connector for the input isn't making as good a connection as the output, I tried taking a photo but it was too blurry so close up but heres one of the board anyway.

You'll have to change the **** to the word 'shit' beacuse of UGs filters.
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You need to change the url once its opened, so it says this i4.photobucket.com/albums/y124/stuarts_photobucket_shit/uber1.jpg because UG changes the word shit to ****.

Yeah I do but I wouldn't do anything radical that was suggested anyway, I kinda know my way about circuit boards.
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