my 15W fender frontman refuses to do anything when switched on. no noise, no lights turn on, nothing. is there anything i can try to fix it myself ? or do i have so send it to fender or buy a new amp?
You'll probably need a new amp. I have a frontman too and i hate it. i'm saving up now for probably a VK, but yeah, i think you're screwed
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Depending on how long you've had it, and who you've bought it from, It may be under some sort of warranty which would allow for it to be fixed or replaced free of charge. As far as the actual problem, it sounds like either a switch problem or a power supply problem... one of which you could fix with a little electrical know how, and the other you probably couldn't. If you open the amp up, you void the warranty. I'd take it in, or send it in.
ive had it for more than 2 years, so the warrenty will be void anyway.
Between freight, parts, and labor, getting that amp fixed would be pointless. Just write it off as a loss and get something else.
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the exact same thing happened to me...same amp too..........i opened it up and messed around in it for a while but when i found the problem i already had a new amp.....so i just smashed it with a baseball bat................but for me the problem was the power switch had fried.........
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