This article covers the history of Nirvana. From Dave Grohl joining the band, to Kurt Cobain's insatiable appetite for heroine, which led to his inevitable (supposed) suicide. Everything you need to know about Nirvana...right here!


Most famous for their hit single "Smells like teen spirit", Nirvana broke away from the mainstream and held the world on their shoulders in 1991, with their second album "Nevermind". Kurt Cobain, The frontman of the band and guitarist, soon found himself the voice of a generation. However, fame became his downfall, as his death brought many on the brink of suicide.
Nirvana were THE band of the early 90s.


Kurt (Donald) Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967, and spent most of his childhood living in Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt was born to Don and Wendy Cobain, who also had a baby girl (Kimberly) in 1970.

Kurt began singing at a very young age. Amongst his favourites, was "Hey Jude" by "The Beatles".

At the age of seven, Cobain was prescribed Ritalin for 'Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This could have been a possible cause for his Heroine addiction, that manifested itself later in his life.

When Kurt was eight years of age, his parents divorced. His whole world was turned upside-down. Kurt's personality changed as a result of this. He became more withdrawn for quite a while, until his rebeliious side started to show.

Kurt was subject to bullying, as he was friends with a gay boy that was in his class. To get back at the bullies, he spray-painted "God is gay" on the side of their pick-up trucks. Kurt was later arrested for doing the same on the side of a bank.

Returning to Aberdeen to attend high-school, Kurt dropped out in the sophomore year. He was then faced with a decision. His mother had told him to either get a job, or get out of her house. Reluctantly, he packed his bags and left.

He then became homeless and was arrested numerous times in the following years.


Kurt Cobain and Krist Noveselic met in 1985. After a few failed attempts to create a band, the duo recruited drummer Aaron Burckhard. This was the original line-up of Nirvana.

In the first few months of the band, Nirvana experimented with different drummers (including Dale Crover from "The Melvins", who played on their demo tapes) and band names (for example, Skid Row, Pen Cap Chew and Ted Ed Fred), before settling with Nirvana in February, 1988.

A couple of months later, Nirvana found their drummer in Chad Channing (was it the name that made them choose him?!).

In 1988, Nirvana released "Love Buzz/Big Cheese", which was their first official release.

In 1989, Nirvana's first album (Bleach) was released.

"Bleach" opened Seattle's eyes to Nirvana. However, the rest of America wasn't that interested in them. It was then that Kurt and Krist noticed that Chad Channing was not the drummer that Nirvana needed. With the follow-up to Bleach in the works, numerous session went unfinished. Mudhoney's drummer Dan Peter aided Nirvana ontheir "Sliver" single, but it was soon after this that the perfect Nirvana drummer was introduced to the band.

Enter Dave Grohl.


Soon after the signing of Dave Grohl, David Geffen brought Nirvana to DGC Records.

DGC Records was hoping to sell 250,000 copies of Nevermind. Astoundingly, the record sold three million copies in the US, less than six months after its release.

Follwoing Neverminds unexpected success, Cobain decided not to tour in support of their new album. Instead, they played several shows later that year.

Unfortunately, Cobain could not handle Nirvana's new-found fame. And so, he turned to drug addiction. At first it was not a big deal, as he married Courtney Love in February 1992, and had a baby together (Frances Bean) in August.

However, it was soon clear that things were going down-hill for Cobain. While the band had been heard across the pond in Europe, Cobain was being rushed into hospital more often than usual.

Cobain had also adopted the Anarchy's As symbol as Nirvana's trade-mark. Grunge had been delivered to everyone in America. A new hope for the teenage youth had arrived. And that hope was in the shape of Nirvana.


In 1993, Nirvana released their third album, "In Utero".

Although many of their fans thought that Nirvana had wanted the album to sound like this, Nirvana were actually unhappy with it.

This may have been fuelled by Cobain's on-going opression. A cause of this, may have been a gang rape that had been broadcast over America. The gang had used Nirvana's "Along came Polly" (a strictly anti-rape song( as their song that they played over the rape. Cobain heard of this, and was frustrated to find that one of his songs had been perceived the wrong way. From there, he was constantly worried that the messages he wanted to be heard were being heard differently. Thus, suicide was in the making.

Many stores were unhappy with Nirvana's song title: "Rape Me", and so banned it from their shelves.

In reaction to this, Nirvana opted to appear on MTV unplugged. The gig showed the true intensity and brilliancy of Kurt Cobain's Nirvana. However, this show was one of the last that Kurt would ever appear in.

Early in 1994, Nirvana decided to go on a European tour. The tour started off well, but Kurt became absent-minded and distracted. Several dates were then cancelled, due to a diagnosis of bronchitis and laryngitis. On March 4th of that year, Kurt was found unconscious in his hotel room,next to Courtney Love. He had attempted (yet failed) suicide. Thus, the rest of the tour was cancelled.

In the ensuing weeks, Cobain's drug addiction resurfaced. Kurt was forced to go into rehab. However, a few weeks into rehab, Kurt climbed over the facility's walls and flew back to Seattle. On April 8th, 1994, Cobains lifeless body was found in his Seattle home. He had put a gun in his mouth and had effectively plastered his brains onto the wall.

Many disputed (and still do to this day) that Kurt did not commit suicide and was, in fact, murdered. However, nothing has come of these accusations.

This was the end of Nirvana.


Kurt Cobain's suicide was felt all over the world. Candles were hoisted into the air on moonlit nights, to show peoples' regards to Cobain and his loved ones.

Surprisingly, Nirvana have sold more records after Cobain died than they did when he was alive.

Cobain had been the spokesperson for a generation. A figure of depression. A person that was not afraid to do what he wanted. And above all, he was the lead singer of Nirvana.

Would Nirvana be more famous if Cobain had lived? That question is debatable, although I believe that that would not be the case.

Part of Nirvanas legacy was Kurt Cobains death.

Kurt Cobain: A rock icon.


Dave Grohl (drummer for Nirvana) went on to form the Foo Fighters with fellow Nirvana support guitarist, Pat Smear. Foo Fighters are still going to this day, and are one of the most popular bands on the planet.

Meanwhile, Krist Novoselic (bassist for Nirvana and life-long friend of Kurt Cobain) played in several bands (Sweet 75, No WTO Combo and Eyes Adrift).

Courtney Love is also still alive. I could say she is doing well...but I would be lying. Let's just say she still likes a bit of the white stuff!