Okay! So iv got my primers on etc did about 3 coats with sanding inbetween etc. Now i have just sprayed my paint on i have realised one thing. I didnt spray on my primer it was a can that i had to brush on. So there are brush marks all over the guitar! So are there any ways of countering this or is it a case of sanding down and getting a spray on primer??

cheers tobz
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Sand your paint roughly so you can see your primer again and it's smooth, and then spray your paint in as usual. Then from there continuing your normal spray and light sand as usual, just a step back and forward again.

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i think its going to have to be sand down i'm afraind. unless you manage to put a very thick coat on and sand that smooth but then you run the risk of having lots of run marks etc. Hard question, i think the most efficient will be sand down and start again.
it prolly wont work great, put like 3-4 coats of your paint on top of your first coat so that more paint will pile on top of the other paint already dried and eventually the run marks will not show, only when the finish is piled high like you strat was originally
ok, i didnt read all the other replys, but i am an auto painter...i have done many guitars also. What u do is put on primer surfacer, it is generally known as just primer. then u sand it with like 400 grit or finer if u wet sand. then go to auto store and but small amount of "sealer" and "base" and then clearcoat". when u have guitar sanded real pretty, clean it real good, i mean real good with degreaser. not brake clean or wd-40, actuall degreaser. then u spray one coat of sealer, 2 coats if u have "burned" through when u sanded ure primer. let the sealer dry for like 10 minutes, or till u can touch it, then spray base, 2-3 coats, let dry till u can touch...usually like 10 15 min. ( do real light coats too)...then clear the hell outta it, first coat "wet", sit for 10min. second coat wet....10 min. then do like 4 coats total, then if u r happy leave it. if u want it better. let it sit for like 2 days then wet sand it with like 600 by hand. and re clear the **** outta it again.
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