Ive been playing guitar for about 2 years now. Started off with a Pacifica (112 i think), then got a Jim Deacon acoustic which has since then been upgraded to another Jim Deacon.

Now, Im looking at a new electric. Im trying to play Canon Rock and I feel the frets on the Yamaha are limiting how fast I can play. Im off to a few guitar shops tomorrow to try a few out.

I do want to play a wide vaiety of things but I mainly play rocky stuff. Also got a Behringer V-amp2 to help with the effects.

I had in mind an Ibanez RG370DX and possibly a Fender Stratocaster. Are there any I should specifically look for?

BTW: UK Guitars

Ibanez guitars have pretty thin fast necks, but often have large frets. I suggest you check out the S and SA series: thin bodies, versatile, easy to play and frets aren't too huge. A fender mexican strat is ok, but not the best guitar in its price range. If you want a strat, save up a little more and get an american one.
My budget is really £200-£300 (online that is)

I have large hands so wouldnt large frets make it easier to play? By large, are they wider (when looking at the fretboard with the guitar in playing position)?

yes. meaning the scale length is bigger (i think). the neck wouldn't be wider. sort of like this l-l then the larger frets being like this l--l.

you're best off going to your local guitar shop and trying some. then go online to buy i you find one you like.
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Larger frets are easier to play fast on, they are wider, however because of it, it makes you a bit more accurate (or.. makes me more accurate at least)