Lost and Stranded

Being lost and stranded in a state of mind or in an unholy place left to die and starve on nothing. You are left stranded because you were trying to liberate the people under God?s responsibility which he no longer cares and you feel responsible and you are being stopped by Satin or the Devil and Hell.

Lost and wandering as the planet takes me away while I?m still alive
Trapped inside as I just want to know how I can survive
A vagabond on his deathbed that as here that I lie
So still I walk alone now cause you left me here to die

No one can save me now, there?s nomads that seek to avenge it
And now I am lost and stranded, this Hell that I will not forget

Leaving what was brought to you here that is now so dead today
Cannot continue what you hate and love, so gray
A wanderer comes back again just one more thing
I?ll come find you hiding in your mind not even willing to think


We are the ones that choose to hide, we are the ones that?ll open your eyes
We are the ones you shouldn?t choose fight, also the ones that so do delight
We are the ones that concede our invincibility, we are the gods that live to be
So open the eyes that are unable to see, see the fear that?s growing in me
So long of a life I wish to live

Guitar solo

No one can save me now, there?s nomads that seek to avenge it
And now I am lost and stranded, this Hell that I will not forget
And the life that I want to live will not . . .
And the ?no? man can save me now, bring him to see that our justice
And now it has stumbled so slowly, who will come release it
It?s so lost and stranded I am
Is it going to be a fast or a slow song, it sounds pretty good. It's hard to tell how it will turn out without some music, it seems well written though.
I think it sounds pretty damn sexual.
I can almost hear music with it. what's the style?

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Its got a pretty good rhythm to it, specifically the longer chorus. When I was reading it I immedietly felt like belonged to a hard rock song, something really rhythm based where the drums and the bass kinda lead the way. Lyrically its an imaginative concept, I quite like lyrics in the style of fantasy when they are done right. You have acheived something with this but i'd have to hear it with the music to get the full flavour.
I'd like to post my own cover recording but I don't got the stuff to record it. Thx, and it's not a sexual song! It is kind of a fantasy thingy or w/e. It's planned to be a medium speed heavy song.
Very good. Lyrics are well written. Depends on the music though. I think it should be really dark heavy riffs.
nice song...I kinda picture with a sound kinda like "the thing that should not be" by metallica, but thats just me. If you could check out mine, that'd be great too,
hey hey. Niiiiiiiiice. I usually hear music in my head to songs i read on here almost straight away but that didnt happen this time (brain malfunction or summat)

However, lyricly - BRILLIANT.
Il give this a 9/10 because im feeling nice, and because your lyrics are so damn good.
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