Yea I'm very interrested to build a custom SG with solid Indian Rosewood body, cuz it looks very beautiful, but I wonder how it sounds as solid body
anybody has any idea or experience?
there's some premade Indian Rosewood Startocaster bodies for sale at warmoth.com but they dont mention anything how they sound like

any info would be useful
Indian rosewood is heavy and oily. On an acoustic guitar that means warm full bass end and a high end that is not overbearing. In an electric it means lots of sustain with strong bass and mids and a warm tone that sounds a bit muddy in the high end. It's not often you will see a solid rosewood guitar body. If you want an SG body and you don't mind waiting about 3 months then I can get you one for about $200 USD plus shipping from the UK.
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Wow! That's exactly what I was looking for! A strong bass tone!
Corduroy, that deal sounds sick, I'm not gonna build it very soon (or maybe I'll get somebody else to make it for me heh), but I will get back to you when the time comes, about a year or two haha
Thanks very much guys!
Quote by hardrock1315
Wouldn't that guitar be like ridiculously heavy?

Hmm... yes, but I quess you'll get used to it (I hope so)

By the way, there reads that Rosewood is oily so it's difficult to apply finishes, is it really that hard?
It is good for a top but is expensive for sizes big enough to make solid body out of.
George Harrison had a custom rosewood Tele:

Cool stuff...seems to me like it might be hard to finish, it's pretty porous I think.
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^yes, it is hard to finish, and the oil in rosewood makes it so that a lot of finishes won't harden or dry.
Not taking any online orders.