The Peck (short for Gregory Peck Delightener) are a 4 man band from near Manchester. We've been together for a year now and recently got the chance to lay down a short EP of 4 tracks.

Bruises and Ascension are the favourite tracks for us, and are both very different sounding songs from a very mixed bag but it think it's fair to say the track 'Bruises' is closer to the direction we're taking now we've begun to form a sound as a group. Still, it would be nice to be critted/reviewed on both

Seeing as we're still finding our 'sound' it would bve great to get some feedback from people in the know.

That would be you guys

So take a listen, and let us know what you think!



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Woah, Same Questions and Ascension sound like two totally different bands. SQ is my personal favorite just because of the rockingness. Keep it up man.

Question though, what's up with someones face x'd out on the cover of the cd and it's called Thanks Dave? Did he leave the band at a time he was needed the most?
Hahah thanks for the review my friend.

Its sort of an in joke. He couldnt make the studio at the last minute so we had to do his parts. Its all good though, hes still with us and in on the joke too!
Your in the wrong forum. Please delete this thread and post in the promote your band forum.

This is for lyrics and such. Thanks
Really? Its a songwriting thread.. and these are songs we have written.. so I don't see how it's an infringement of anything.

If need be ill post lyrics too.
This is more post your lyrics (one per post) so you can get constructive critiscm on them, and help others with their work also.

Asking for feedback on your bands sound and introducing your band belongs in the promote your band forum.

I suggest you post any lyrics your working on, or have written, here for critiquing and ask for band feedback fromthe aforementioned forum.