ive been playing guitat for a while and i started to try different styles so i found this site


and the tab it has there im gussesing ur supposed to use ur pinky alot and mine is super small all my othere fingers on my fret hand are average but my pinky tip dosent even come to my ring fingers last joint anyway it hard for me to get it on the 5 and 6 strings easily so i have been just useing old index and ring finger for the whole lesson i can play it but not that fast
i was wondering should i just keep practiceing like that or find another lesseon that might work up my pinky strenght and come back to it?
practising it and other exercise will help you develop pinky strength.......and is your pinky suppossed to be longer than the last joint on the ring finger ??
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My pinky's short too.

Try "Sex Type Thing" by The Stone Temple Pilots, it requires a bit of a stretch.

THen mess around playing the 3rd and 8th frets at the same time.
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That lesson looked like fairly mundane 3 note per string diatonic scale stuff.
The 2 whole step fingering (ie 10-12-14) is used everywhere. You really have
to be able to do that in your sleep to play a lot of stuff and especially metal
which has tons of riffs based on 3 note per string diatonics.

Even if your pinky is small, that is not a huge stretch -- especially at the 10th fret!
So, I would imagine it's either your technique or you need a lot more practice or

So, you could use that riff as an exercise, or find a diagram of the 3 note per string
patterns (there's 7 of them) and practice those.