My problem lies with recording vocals, using an SM58 through a yamaha mixer. They sound dead and lack any warmth and dsp. The problem is it goes
singer -> sm58 -> xlr cable -> mixer -> Behringer FCA202 sound card -> firewire cable -> laptop

So theres nothing in the chain to give the vocals any reverb or (i cant think of the word) but they sound lifeless id you understand me and no its not purely because of the singer! So im after something to give the vocals a lift, i dont know what im after/looking for. The only previous thing ive looked at is a Behringer T1952 tube compressor/limiter. I think it would add something to them but perhaps not what im looking for. Can anyone help me out here?

audicity generally upgrading to sonar home studio in a few weeks
i think that you could just add some reverb in your recording program and that would help. maybe do a bit of EQing in there as well. double tracking the vocals also works. so you just record them twice, then have both tracks play. they wont be exactly the same, but since they should be close it will give a bit of depth.
if you dont want to do two takes, you can also copy the vocal track, then push the second copy back a short time. like a very small fraction of a second. you have to find the spot where it doesnt sound like its exactly in the same time, but not so far apart that you can really hear two separate tracks. this also gives a bit of depth to the recording.
ah thats great never thought of layering tracks up and v slighlty behind either. Ill try, ill have to get some plugins then i dont think they are too cheap either are they. So is it safe to say that software in this case has more control over it than buying some fancy hardware?
^ why do you need to buy plugins? you said you are using audacity, and you can copy tracks in there. then it has a slider tool so you can shift the track. unfortunatly audacity doesnt come with a reverb effect (which i think sucks cause its the most useful effect for recording IMO). but you can also find free plugins online, and im sure you can find a reverb one that will work with audacity. if you DL the VST enabler off of audacitys website you can use any VST plugin that you want with audacity. unfortunatly it doesnt allow the custom effect screen to be used, so its hard to use some VSTs. but im sure you could find something.

both hardware and software will have an effect on the sound, just using free software is probably easier than going out to buy something fancy.
you either need reverb or a nice preamp,a preamp will add a lot of warmth to your vocals.Trust me a preamp sets aparts the proffesional sounding recording from the lame ass audacity stuff."Put a preamp in your chain and you shall go far grasshoppa."
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great thanks ill take a look at free plugins inc one youve mentioned. What would you reccomend as a good preamp for warmth as i said all i have so far is a Yamaha 12/4 mixer so the preamp aint gonna be nowt special
theres plenty on the market.

I would ask the guys at tweakheadz.com or the forum ( studio-central.com/phpbb/index.php )

they know what theyre talkin about (not saying that i don't)
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Behringer has crazy cheap tube preamps, i'd definitely check those out. that still might not do the trick exactly how you want it. i recommend using compressor plugins...they're not as good as hardware compressors, but they'll definitely push them up in the mix and make them more dense.

i use the Kjaerhus plugins mentioned above, and they're excellent for giveaways. i honestly think this is the most effective (and definitely most cost effective) way of livening up vocals.
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And in a pinch, you could always use a guitar FX pedal. For example, a delay pedal set to a really fast setting with quick decay can give you an effect similar to reverb.
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yep thanks for all the input ill give all the ideas a go. Much appreciated