Do you have a picture of this thing you speak of!? That actually sounds pretty interesting
wow your from stoke on trent, so am i!!! where bouts u live? is it that guitar thats got black n white stripes going round it in a circula shape/ pattern
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Google it, ill bet ull find it
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The brand is called "Dean", it's where Dimebag got his signature from too. I don't know any other specifications or anything. Here's a video of Zakk playing with the guitar you're talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SFoBVAecQ8&search=zakk%20wylde

Yeah thats the guitar, its awesome.

and jake, this is the second time you've said that to me hahah.
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:-O IS HE PLAYING AN MG MINISTACK??????????????!!!
So he actually does think the overdrive is crushing

I have that amp. Distortion sucks on it. But then i'm not into all the squeely feedback drenched crap. I suppose me and my guitar just aint built for it.