Yesterday I heard the term of having "staggered," pickups. What does it mean exactly?
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Whats the point in that danno?

the closer the pickup to the string the more "present" the sound will be.

paul gilberts sound has lots of presents.... lots of presents !

it doesn't realy make a lot of difference but u can use it to tweek your sound a bit.
oh, and side info: i've only seen it done on singe coils, never saw that on humbuckers... thou it could be done aswell i guess
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On single coils, it's used to compensate for the radius of the neck, or to give the pickup certain tonal characteristics by bringing the magnetic field closer to certain strings than others.

And a lot of humbuckers have adjustable screw pole pieces for fine adjustments, but not staggering. The magnetic field of a humbucker is also larger and more powerful.
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