I know most starter guitars get little love here, specially the Squiers and Epis ... however, some people, with a wide range of interest (as in, not just shred or metal) usually create their own luck and succeed in hunting down and acquiring gems.

My first guitar was a Squier Strat, bought used in Nara, Japan, and based on its SN, was from the 80s. It is my favorite inexpensive guitar:

1. Individual PU routing. even cleaner than some of my friends' MIAs. And even some MIAs have swimming pool routing (not sure why);
2. The soldering on the original, which I still have, was very clean ... the pots are slightly smaller than MIAs or MIMs;
3. It has the most comfortable and smoothest maple/maple neck with tuners not requiring an upgrade; and, best of all,
4. The action is so low and responsive, it feels like a whisper breath is sufficient to get it to play.

Next to my Gibson SG, this Squier Strat is my favorite. It gets more play time than my other MIJ (3) and MIM (1) Fenders. It's also the Strat with 3 back-up pickguards already wired with Lace Red Sensors. Texas Specials, and DiMarzio VVs.

Share your awesome find(s) that just happened to be inexpensive/cheap.
jay tursers are good bargains
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one of the best distorted sounds ive ever heard. it plays like an angel and it looks astonishing.
washburn lyon, telecaster copy
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My old squier strat (tom delonge one) lasted forever, and was only 100 bucks, always played nice and never went outta tune.
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washburn lyon, telecaster copy

same here, Lyon. Washburn was a lot of really good guitars.
Harmony make a great strat copy it holds in tune perfect even after divebombs sounds like my friends fender strat only cost 80$
Washburn WI14. My current guitar. They go for about $150 and are a steal for that price. Excellent beginner/intermediate guitars.
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My strat knockoff:
- $125
- Repaint the headstock (flamejob) and neck
- SSS configuration and shielded properly using aluminum foils and capacitors,
- Eventually after a month, changed the config to HSS and 1 volume with 1 tone.
- Now the neck is bent like hell, and i dont bother to change the truss rod settings, i'll change it when im bored...

Its made out of plywood, wanna hear? in my sig....
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mexican strats. Step higher than the squiers. however, depending on what bells and whistles may have been added on, it could cost a lot more. When I bought my mexican strat, I got it half price for $250 (auction) but it was really worth $500. So it varies.
I love my Squier, it's just stock, but it's pickups beat the hell out of my Peavey Predators, so I'll give it props. And I know they sell them at Wal-Mart, but the First Acts aren't that bad if you find a good one.

And I like inexpensive guitar cause, you can buy it basically as a template for better things. Like a First Act for example, take out the stock bridge, replace it with a Floyd Rose (or other favored tremolo), change the pickup setting to say a, HSS, make the humbucker some kind of Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan, and then get some pretty beefy singles and BOOM!!! A First Act even veterans would kill for.
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^Not really. First Act guitars from Wal-Mart are made of sh*t plywood. Even if you would waste money replacing pickups, the bridge, the tuners, the pots, AND wiring, it's still going to sound like sh*t because it's made of plywood. It won't have a good tone because of the cheap wood it's made of. Also, I've read that the necks on them are horrible. Things like crooked frets and unsanded rough spots. Oh..and fret ends that are sharp enough to cut your finger open.

So, new neck, new body, new pups, new tuners, new bridge, new pots, and new wiring. So...basically, you have a different guitar since you'd be replacing EVERYTHING on it.

You might as well spend the $100 on a squier. At least that will be playable.
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Hmmm...probably the Samick MB1 I played for a guitar lesson. Very nice strat copy. I was definitly surprised to discover it's price. I might actually pick one up sometime soon to fix the lack of a decent single-coil equipped guitar in my rig.
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PRS SE custom... love it.
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squier squier squier! been hearing good comments for awhile, i guess i shall try one but heck, why does most of the tele body made out of agathis?
Ive had a couple $50 used Peaveys for me and a friend we used to leave at work for break and lunch and they played good.
I like my Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I also like the Yamaha Pacifica guitars. Their fretboards feel good when you have a lot action on them. My friend has one that he doesnt use and I want to buy it off of him.
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Squier Strat why not for the money?
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
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Bronx stratocaster (made in Korea); $90. Great 5 way switch. Much better than the current breed of Squires and Bullets. Have seen reviews and ebay descriptions of older Squires from the 80's and early 90's that indicate they were better made then. My Bronx is made by a Mom and Pop outfit in Korea that doesn't advertise or even have a website. They just stock a few stores in LA by personal rep. It has a great ring to it even before plugging it in. It does weigh as much as a Les Paul. Standard single coils, but not overly noisy. No whammy. Am going to replace the tuning machines with Grover minis. Also needs pro set up, but has been playing great for the almost two years I've had it anyway. Have gotten compliments on the sound playing next to an MIA strat! The "O" in the Bronx name on the headstock is a black alien-like head with two white eyes. With the Grovers and a real set up it will be close to, if not at or beyond, the level of the Mexi strats I've played in stores.
My pacifica 112 is pretty nice, for me there's nothing better for the price, from what i've played anyway (ignoring second hand stuff)
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I got a Legend Les Paul Black Beauty, its like the worst brand but i love the guitar, its set neck with all gold hardware, heavy as. it cost about $550 australian, i plan to keep it forever, its my beauty.
my first guitar was an Ibanez GRX-140, love it, still have it, and sometimes play it over my unknown Ibanez Radius (see 'Identify my guitar' thread), but I also like squier strats because of how wonderfully low you can get the action
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Those Yamaha Pacificas are very good starter guitars.

Wow! Those got some pretty decent scores from Harmony Central ... and they have so many models made throughout Asia. I've seen some of those Used at local shops, gotta check them out.
There's a ton of great inexpensive strat knock-offs.

But if your going for a humbucker sound i'd say you can't beat the Epiphone SG special. It's actually a wonderful little guitar for what you can do with it. And once you get better and replace the pickups you can really go wild.

I'd really like to get one (or a G-400) and just mod the crap out of it. That'd be fun.

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Harmony make a great strat copy it holds in tune perfect even after divebombs sounds like my friends fender strat only cost 80$

That is because your tone-deaf my friend.
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