I just picked up a new ESP Viper 200FM last night and before even plugging it in, I noticed that the strings are buzzy. Specifically, the 5th and 4th strings have a buzz that seems to kick in about half a second after picking the string (just open notes), whereas the 6th string has an all-out twang to it. If I pick the string softly, it's not as noticable, but it's still an issue. The 3rd, 2nd and 1st strings sound fine, and I noticed the action on the bridge wasn't very level, so I raised just the side the lower strings are on, to no avail. It seems that the rattling of the strings is coming from higher up in the fretboard around the first few frets, as it can be best heard when I put my ear near the nut.

I'm thinking maybe replacing the strings that came with it might help, which I'll find out later when I get home, but for now, anyone have any suggestions/input? I just spent all of my money on this guitar, and I'm not too happy about having to drop more cash at Sam Ash just to get the damn thing to work out of the box. I don't know much about hardware except basic stuff, such as adjusting action, intonation, etc., but does this sound like a situation where I might have to mess with the truss rod? I suppose I could raise the action higher, but since half the strings sound fine, I'm not sure if this is a good idea
definately do NOT touch the truss rod
it probably isnt an issue with it anyway, but on the off chance that it is, let a professional do it
you should be able to raise the action on each separate string, but im not familiar with the viper series
so try raising the action a bit, and try heavier gauge strings
Well if the strings are twangy, isn't that a good thing? They might be new strings.
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If they are new strings then they might not be adjusted on the guitar yet, sometimes that happens on my guitar when I change the strings.
Get a new setup. It happened to my 6th string at one point and they fixed it.
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the strings usually go a bit twangy when i get new ones, doesn't that always happen?

I've never really noticed it with new strings, but then again I've owned this one less than a day and it's the first I've bought in years that was brand new, so I'm not used to dealing with strings coming on a guitar from the factory. When I get home I'm going to throw on some 10 gauge strings, which I think are a bit thicker than the ones that came on the guitar.

While on the topic of strings, any recommendations? Usually I just go with D'Addario 10 gauge strings, and I play mostly metal/rock, such as Tool, Children of Bodom, Metallica, etc
It's a new prototype set of strings, developed by the Columbian Government that never lose their new twangy sound.
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People don't like Dave Mustaine because he created something that owned Metallica in just about every single aspect of thrash metal.

it's true
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Guys. He just needs to raise the action on his lowest strings.

damn, beat me to it
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Guys. He just needs to raise the action on his lowest strings.

^ what this guy said. ah danno you got your old avatar back
Some Sam Ash stores will put on new strings and do a set up for new guitars for free. Take it back to them and tell them about it. If the sales people are ****heads at your store, ask for the manager and tell him/her you're taking your business elsewhere.
Just a reminder, usual factory setups set string like that. The top EAD string is higher than the GBe string coz they're slanted according to normal human picking motion. If you dont like them, you could raise them, but its normal. I also set up my guitar with the EAD higher and GBe lower than the factory setup. And about that buzz, have you tried plugging your guitar in before actually hearing it?

This is because almost every electric guitar has some noticable buzz when played acoustically, the reason behind this is that you generally pick the string harder coz you want to hear it, and thats not working 100% coz it needs to be plugged in to the amp. And when you're plugged in, you dont need to pluck the string as hard you pluck it acoustically.

Regarding the twangy sound, this may be caused by new strings. New strings are common to give you sorta like twangy tinny sound because well...they're new. There's no contamination of dust, human remains, oils or whatever on the strings, so it will be clear as crystal. It'll change in couple of days or weeks, depending on how long you play it.
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Thats what she said...
and also it will change depending on what strings aswell. like elixirs are known to hold their twangyness for a while. and i think on my electric its been 5/6 months since i put elixirs on and its still feels like brand new strings
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wow i cant believe it took till the 9th post for Danno to pwn you all, lol but ya just lower the action on the lower strings, and only on the lower ones

uh i said raise the action in the first response
and also, what you said makes no sense at all