................to make me go faster

and how long should i practice them everyday
try this.. start on the first fret on the E string and go

1...2....3...4...5 then start from 2 and go 2...3...4....5.... then start on 3 and go 3....4.....5....6..... then start on 4....... 5.....6.....7... and so on and do it on every string.. if people flame this it made me so fast i was amazed

try it on every string build speed etc... it made my fingers strong, and can help you alot

also try whloe steps on each string

G: 1 3
D: 1 3
A: 1 3
E: 1 3 < sorry dident have room to space it out but you get the idea


G:3 1
D:3 1
A:3 1
E:3 1 < this helped me build speed to get good tone for fast slapping and good fingering
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this is an overplayed, unfunny, and stupid joke. Please, keep the masterbation jokes out of the forum. I beg you.

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that works quite well for me
Minor scale triplet 8th notes. Done wonders for me.

Play the first three notes of the scale, starting with the first note of the scale. Then move to the second note of the scale, once again playing the 3 notes after it. repeat all the way up the scale, then back down again. (Its kind of like an arpeggio)

If that doesnt make you play faster, ummm, (sorry, no wanking joke) go to the warwick website. They have good stuff.
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