I posted on a previous thread that I am after a new amplifier preferably a half stack. I got a lot of response back which helped me a lot people said that for my style of music (AC/DC, Guns N Roses, The Cult, U2 and Metallica) that the JCM800 ,JCM900 and TSL 100 was what i should be aiming to get.

I went to my local dealer and he said that they used to be a Marshall specialist and found that the Line 6s sold more. They said that Marshalls are not what they were 10-20 years ago; and most part used are cheaply manufactured outside of Marshall. One of my mates has a line 6 Vetta II and it sounds awesome but it out of my price range.

If I was going to get a line 6 Amp then I would be aiming at the HD147. I have a POD XT Live and I don?t want to get a HD147 if it renders this useless.

I want good sound quality rather than volume

Prices for each amp

JCM800 + 1960TV Cab = £1284
JCM900 + 1960VC Cab = £1114
TSL100 + 1960A Cab = £1039
HD147 + Cab =£949

If you can think of any similar priced brands it would be a great help.
If you have an XT Live, buy a tube power amp and a cabinet. You don't need anything else.
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um for what you play definitely go for the marshall. no contest.
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How about a Marshall poweramp?

But if you want a halfstack, get the JCM900.
get a JMP 50 watt or a plexi reissue, Marshall owns Line 6 for real good sound but I dont like the new marshalls, get a reissue of the handwired series or an old one
trust me, You will ge your line6 (Possibly really like it at first) THEN a month later you will realise that its just like a celebrity marriage! You will love it for the first few weeks the it will bring pain to your eears and kill your inspration every time you play. I own a spider II BTW

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In all fairness, the Line 6 amps he was talking about are eons ahead of the Spider Series.

That said, my preference would be the Marshall.
ebay is your friend btw you'll be able to half those prices by buying an original jcm800 off ebay.
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That Line 6 is actually quite a nice amp. Line 6 makes some awesome stuff, but saying Line 6 sucks after all you've ever heard is the Spyder is like saying Marshall sucks after all you've heard is the MG.