I have been Upgrading my MIM Stratocaster, But he last thing that I want to do is modify it so that using a tremolo bar will not de-tune my guitar. what do I need to get in order prevent the de-tuning.

I have heard "Floyd Rose Tremolo" alot in advertised guitars. What is the Floyd Rose Tremolo setup and why is it so popular, what does it do? Anyways...

I have also thought about changing out the Nut on the neck, and the one nut that sounds like it would help is Fender's LSD Roller nut or something along those lines. But I have also heard alot about the ball bearings falling out. Is that a common flaw or is that just inexperience or stupidity? Is there some way of preventing the ball bearings from falling out?

thanks in advance!
Locking tuners, and a nice nut should be good, tighten up the springs too.
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what dya mean by a tremolo that wont de tune your guitar? no proper tremolo bar should if set up properly. a floyd rose is a two point floating tremolo system which has a special nut that locks and this system (like any other form of floating tremolo) has to be set up specially for certain gauge strings, for a specified tuning. they are very effective although your much better off with the tremolo you get on fender american deluxe guitars, this is also a two point floating, but it is much more like a normal tremolo system as it doesnt need a special nut and it can probably be a near-straight replacement for your current tremolo system, no need for sawing out any more of your guitar or widening space for a new nut.

first image is a floyd and the second is a 2 point tremolo much like a fender a deluxe.
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