Im going to see them at this years Download festival mainly to avoid Guns'n'roses. I've only heard some of their stuff. I want to hear more before i see them. Any suggestions?
Sick of It All is awesome. I have Blood, Sweat, & No Tears, We Stand Alone, and Scratch the Surface. I'd recommend any of them.
im going to reading festival this year and sick of it all are on the radio 1 lock up stage, i havnt herd any of their stuff but u guys seem 2 think they are really good soo i think i shud check them out.
I saw them at the festival and they were excellent. the crowd was crazy and it drowned out ****head Axl rose.There wasn't enough punk bands at the festival this year though which was a bummer.
I haven't had the chance. I missed them when they went to Scotland with Seven Seconds. I heard the moshing was up to standard though.
Yeah I'll probably go see em' at Reading, they are pretty good live.

The lockup stage is looking pretty nice at the moment I must say.

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