I have a cheapie Epiphone Special SG, and it seems like the intonation is way off. It seems like all the notes on the twelfth fret are playing too sharp. I tried adjusting the saddles down on the bridge, but I've pretty much adjusted it all the way down, and it's still playing sharp. What do I do now? Would lowering/raising the entire bridge help at all?

BTW: I'm adjusting intonation by tuning all the strings, then fretting them each on the 12th fret and plucking, and checking the tuning to make sure it's playing the same note as playing the open-string itself. Is this right?
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well, thats how you intonate right, but you might need to adjust the bridge to make it work.
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Hmm, sounds like my best bet is to just take it to a tech. The only prob is that means I'll be without my guitar for a few days....
mine does the same, use the 12th fret harmonic, its much more reliable.
mine does the same except my 12th fret notes on the bottom 2 strings are flat??

its annoying i cant fix mine either
like Zofar said.

fret the 12th, test with the tuner.
then hit the 12th fret harmonic and compare the two.

ull probably have a much easier time doing it that way.

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