I play slide guitar a lot, and i'm thinking of getting either a lap steel or a pedal steel guitar. I play:

Bluesy Rock (Cream, Stones, Zep)
Rock (Early Sabbath, AC/DC)
Country-Rock (Allman Brother, Gram Parsons, Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown)

and the music I write is a combo of these genres. Which instrument would y'all recommend? Any personal Experience? Do tell.
i've just recently started playing slide and i love it! so i can't help you on "experience" but from listening to alot of music that you've listed i'd hafta say pedal steel guitar.

btw, if you're an experienced slide guitar player, you happen to have a tab for derek trucks' version of preachin' blues? just wondering, i've been looking for that for quite a while and i can't get it exactly right by ear, thanx
Not a clue about the instruments, but if you're after playing pedal steel stuff, don't leave out David Gilmour/Pink Floyd! Just listen to the solo from High Hopes, its majestic.
No, I;d def suggest Lap Steel... FOr the music you want, its suits much more... a Pedal steel a) cost a few grand and there's an awfull lot of strings (usually) and pedals (usually) to get confised over, plus, if you want the high hopes tone, that's a lap... with only 6 strings and no pedals they're easier to use/gig with/ transport etc...... and if u do want the twangy country tone, you can get that too....

I've been looking at the gretsch one:


and also the Fender one:


I hope that helps a little...

I'm quite sure Gilmour plays pedal steel, and most bands do in studio.
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He has a Fender twin neck pedal steel yes, but he rarely uses it. He mainly uses Jensen lap steels, ones with EMGs i belive, and has a few set to various tunings, his most famous slide solos are all on his lap steel, high hopes, great gig in the sky, one of these days etc etc...