Basically I?m going to explain to you how to build your very own bass string cleaning tube!

Materials, a.k.a. the stuff you need! You shouldn?t have to spend more than $35 American.

. One 45? (114.3 centimeter) long PVC tube with a diameter of 1" (2.54 centimeter)
. One 1? PVC end cap
. One 1? diameter screw-on PVC cap (female)
. One 1? diameter matching threaded male PVC adaptor
. One small can of all-purpose cement (for PVC use)
. One cork off of a wine bottle (if you can find something stronger like a rubber plug or something I suggest you use it instead)
. One 1? brass cup hook
. One tube of super glue
. And finally one gallon of denatured alcohol ( denatured is poisonous keep away from small children, it?s also very flammable keep away from heat sources and open flam!)

Alright now to the quick and easy assembly.

On to making the ?String Holding Cap? 1st take your cork (or what ever your screwing the hook into) and super glue it in the center of screw-on PVC cap. When dry make sure that the cap still screws onto it?s male counter part. Now all you have left to do is screw in your hook.

Now you we make the main body of are ?Bass String Cleaning Tube? 1st we need to clean, with a bit of denatured alcohol, all the ends were going to cement together. Meaning clean both ends of the PVC tube and the insides of the end cap and threaded male adaptor. Take your end cap and your cement and smear a good coating of cement on the inside of the end cap. Put the end cap securely on one end of the PVC tube. Do the same with the threaded male adaptor. Let it cure for at least 2 hours before moving on.

Now all that?s left is to fill it with some water and check for leeks. If there are a few seal them up with the cement you have left over (and trust me their should be a lot left over) let cure for 2 hours before retesting.

Now before you put this string cleaning machine to work be sure to let all the water evaporate from the tube before filling it with denatured alcohol . All that?s left to do is fill it up, put the strings on the hook through the holes in the brass stoppers at the bridge eng of the strings, let sit for 24 hours, take out your strings let them dry out, restring and enjoy.

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interesting idea...or i could just go buy some new ones....
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