Well, here's an orchestral piece I recorded as an improv. It's inspired by Muse's New Born; I basically took its main piano melody and expanded upon it. Let me know what you think, and I'll be happy to crit for crit

It's titled New Born Improv


Btw, this is my first time recording something like this, so sorry if it's not great.

Also, due to the nature of the song, you'll want to just sit back, relax, and take it all in. It's not your typical pop-punk anthem or nu-metal rocker, so it does require a level of patience when listening to it.
You'd think the "crit for crit" label would be enticing enough
Actually, the symphonic baroque label was most enticing for me. Listening now, very ambient so far.

What did you record on? Did you write it in midi or play it on a keyboard?

Very trippy, not amazing, kind of an overrused sounding theme actually, but i liked it.

Maybe try and build it up, it kind of stops and starts a lot.

I like it though, the rhythm kind of falters, and i'd say add more then just the one instrument, it gets a little dull just with it, but it sounded good, try and add some counterpoint maybe, it reallly doesn't go anywhere, but it wasn't bad. Very pleasent.

Ohhhh shiiiii i just realized its a bit longer then i thought, maybe it will build to something.

Ah well, i like it so far.

Not fond of the high pitched thing, still stopping and starting, very baroquesque though.

Though the one single theme is getting old.

I like this now, with the very driving rhythm that kicks in round 4 minutes, but then it just goes back to chords, still stopping and starting at random and not keeping a very cohesive flow going.

Halfway done!

Unfortunately i had to pause with 3 minutes left and cause i streamed it, it wouldn't start again.

Hopefully im not missing anything spectacular, but overall, its alright, good for a first thing, but try and get it to flow more.

^ Lol, thanks for the pretty-thorough feedback. Anyways, yeah - I played it live on my digital piano, so it's not just a midi I wrote.

And yeah, the high-pitched parts don't sound too great...

Kind of a shame that you missed the last three minutes, mainly cause I'm especially interested in what you think of the melody (which is different from the rest of the song) from the nine minute mark onward. Oh well, no worries

Thanks for the critique, I'll get to yours as soon as possible
^ Cool. Think I should just cut out maybe the first seven minutes or something? Or maybe just take out parts that don't seem to go anywhere? Hopefully that'd make it a bit less tedious.
Interesting.. the first few segments are the same chords as 'New Born' by Muse . Reminds me of Final Fantasy or something, which i love !

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