Anyone know?

I would especially like to know what pickups he has in his strat (are they emgs?).

No, it is not in the settings thread

And google doesnt help

Has anyone any valuable info!!?

He generally uses a Fender Stratocaster guitar with Marshall Amplifiers, although he has also used a Gibson Les Paul. He is currently, along with John Sykes, playing in a group under the name of Thin Lizzy.

So, in this case, in all likelyhood he used a JCM 800 (or similar) and a standard 70's strat (judging by the era he was in). I believe fender has a recreation of a 70's strat out now.
WTF are u kids smoking? he plays a les pauls wit a marshall jmp...

EDIT: I have just realised that he uses a strat nowadays.... I havent followed him to present time so yeah....
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^ Yeah exactly.

Im slightly disheartened to see people could name Billy Greendays rig, but not even help with modern day Gorhams rig (yes, i know i may be slightly hypocritical, but i know his old setup).