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Bold as love
0 0%
Red house
0 0%
Little wing
0 0%
Voodoo child
0 0%
Castles made of sand
0 0%
All along the watchtower
2 100%
Hey Joe
0 0%
Voters: 2.
I think it might be better if this thread wasn't a poll, but rather a discussion thread.

That way, people don't have to choose from this list if their favorite song isn't one of these.

Of those posted, my favorite song would be Red House, but my favorite Hendrix song is Lover Man.
Ok, I've had some people ask me to make this a discussion thread, So talk here about your favorite Jimi Hendrix song, And if it's on the list please vote.
^^Alright, thanks.

As I've stated, my favorite Hendrix song is probably Lover Man - especially the album with the extended intro on the South Saturn Delta album. I feel like the lyrics are pretty good, but the guitar work on this song is great.

My second favorite Hendrix song is Beginnings, but it is also known, when played at Woodstock, as Jam Back at the House. It's got a sweet riff, and the song is even sicker when they switch into a bluesy tempo.