I read through most of the songs posted, not a lot of happy songs, so here is one I wrote last week, take RHCP and mix it with Pulp Fiction kind of surf rock and that's the feel of this song. Crit

Surfing With the Alien

Clouds/ Just flow higher/
Eyes/ Give in wider/
Stars/ sits on the wavy sky/
Borders/Break down in disguise/

We are/
We are/
We are not not not not not/
At war!!!!!/

We come in peace/

Hey you/ spaceship and jam/
Hop on/ the space ram/
Wave/ ride on down down down down down/
Surf/ on the funky sound/

We are/
We are/
We are not at war!!!!!/

Surfing with the aliens/

We are not living in a jungle/
Hanging out dancing free/
I wanna be/
Instead of believe/ in a/
Peanut butter conspiracy/
It is odd and almost mindless, but I like it. Too many songs are negative. I like the change.
BRILLIANT. CAN I HAVE IT? Can i? please? i like it THAT much!!
My band could do with this song....please? Il cry...
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