Poll: Roland Cube 60 or Marshall jcm800 4104 combo dont vote unless u ar familiar with both
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View poll results: Roland Cube 60 or Marshall jcm800 4104 combo dont vote unless u ar familiar with both
Roland Cube 60
3 30%
Marshall jcm800 4104 combo from earlie 80s
7 70%
Voters: 10.
I play Classic Rock and Classic Metal mostly with the occasional blues and cleans. Which is the better amp I am planning on getting a the marshall on ebay from the earlier 80s and an overdrive pedal to boost some distortion out of it for metal. or should I just get a cube 60. Im not too worried about money for this cus I have plenty right now and i just want the best osund I cant get. I am guessing most people are gunna say the marshall. With the marshall will I be able to get a good heavy sound. the heaviest I will get is megadeth, Metallica, and a bunch of shredders (malmsteen). Will an overdrive with the marshall be able to do that. anyways which would be th ebest for me. thanks
800 for sure and if an overdrive doesnt kick it for ya go as high up as a Boss DS1 distortion pedal and play with the drive setting on the pedal. Basically what Randy Rhoads did, a Boss DS1 into a Marshall.
Yup. you might need to boost it to get really hi gain metal.

but Easily the JCM...

why even compare an alltube to a solid state?
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for the record randy rhoads used an mxr distortion pedal set level 10, gain 0 or in the 1-3 range to clean boost a marshall 59 plexi, but ya jcm800, get it
Those amps are in complete different leagues. It's kinda funny to see them compared like that
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