had a cracked preamp tube issue when it first came in. replaced it, and the 2 power tubes. however, compared to my GK 250ml, it doesn't have as much bass-punch. like when chugging away on an f-chord, even at low volumes the bass would somehow slam harder thru the speakers in the distortion channel. my boogie seems maybe a little under-powered.

NOTE: i haven't replace all the preamp tubes, which i am going to do. and i haven't played above living room levels. and from what everybody has said, tube amps really only get started at much higher volumes. so i'm probably in for even more surprises, huh?

the guy at Boogie told me that there is a specific preamp tube that drives the reverb. i presume this goes for the presence knob (what ever that is. can someone explain?) and tone as well.
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Presence is kind of hard to explain, it is somewhat similar to treble, but a little different. The only real words that describe it are presence, or the amount that the amp cuts through. You would have to hear it to fully understand. Congrats on the .50 cal, great amp.
At low volumes, you can't expect much. Boogies really only shine when you start gettin' loud.

i gotta get my @$$ down to the rehearsal space, cuz i can't crank where i'm living