I don't have an honest title for this song because i haven't written lyrics. I've had this one for awhile, but i never put it into power tab or wrote a solo until now. Do to the fact that it's a midi...the chorus doesn't have the groove it should and the chordy part of the solo doesn't stand out as well as it should but whatever. i like this song alot.

edit: actually..listening to it again...i don't know if i'll keep that solo...there are endless possibilities to solo over this with...maybe i'll write several and just interchange them
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Nice job!

It sounds really great, jazzy too. everything fits together so well,

Awesome job!
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that was really good. nice job. i wouldnt change the solo, i think it fits really well. i would love to hear this song come to life with percussion and bass and vocals and whatnot
I like that, and I agree with Joe, just leave that solo alone, it fits really well with the feeling of the song. And despite what you say, I still got the "groovy" vibe from this, even though it's hard to convey the emotion via powertab. Nice work tho. Thanks for the crit.
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wow, that was really well written, it flowed very nicely, i dont really have any suggestions, or crits, just great song, lol, i especially liked about 1:50 in the midi file, that part and on is the best, very cool, i have some acoustic ones, kinda like this if you want to crit, there in my sig, some got closed cause cause i was dumb and didnt put p-tab in the title, but the up all night one is cool, imo, thanks!
wow this is just beautiful, i especially like from teh solo section to the end, the chorus however i didnt like, it felt like the rythm sections had more groove to them, and the chords were rather harsh, but other than that i think its just goddamn excellent

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This song has such a good feeling and emotion in it, from the beginning to end. I loved the clean parts and the rhythms they have. Like you said, the chorus didn't really sound that great, but the part after the second chorus, just as Schecter86 said, was definately my most favorite part out of this song. The solo could be done much better than it is here, I liked how it started off but then it just loses the feeling of the song, in my opinion.

I enjoyed this very much, hope to see more songs from you.

And if you'd like, can you crit any of mine?
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You have some major key issues, but other than that: I like very much! Has a pretty cool feeling to it.
- FJ

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the key isnt really a problem, the times that i go out of key are on purpose...rules were made to broken, usually the part in a song that catches my ear is when the artist strays away from the rules of music theory...not so far that it sounds terrible...but enough that it proves that theory isn't everything.