I'm getting a new practice/small gig amp, and i stumbled upon two pretty good choices.. the VOX AD30VT and the Marshall MG15MSII Micro Stack. I'm actually leaning toward vox, but then there are some convincign reviews on the micro stack. Also, i think the micro stack looks pretty cool. I'm looking for a punk rock kind of sound but really clean and precise. Thanks for any advice in advance!
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Go with the Vox... the MG line from Marshall is poor. This opinion is based upon my use of the MG15DFX and MG30DFX. The sound is typically buzzy in the OD, with bland cleans. The effects are weak, and in general, the reliability is poor. (the only reason i've had 2 is because the 30 was the "replacement" for the 15 as provided by Marshall after about 2 months and 45 minutes of yelling at reps after the 15 broke.) The Micro Stack would be a poor use of your money.
What kind of music are you playing ? How much money you have to spend ?
$350 tops, and punk/hard rock, but can also handle solos.
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DONT GET THE MARSHALL. there. I am thinking of getting the Vox AD 100 VT, but my friend has that marshall amp, and it sounded alright when played with a Gibson ES-335 custom, but not with many ok guitars, with mine it sounded ok (Ibanez Radius), but really, Vox are cool, marshall MGs get in the way and sound like a cat being dragged through a reverby kind of garden. They also have hopeless classic rock tones. hope that helps
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