Alright, I'm lookin to buy a bass sometime soon as a hobby, more or less. I already play guitar and the bass would just kinda be like somethin on the side. Should I just try and pick up a beginner's pack? I heard Squier and Ibanez have decent starter packs, that true? Thanks.
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If I were you, I would get a squier pack. They look cool, are cheap, comes with everything you would need, and they probably play pretty well. I got a Drive Wildfire pack to start myself out...BIG mistake. Get the squier, or maybe and Ibanez.
uhh i wouldnt buy a starter pack id just go and get a decent bass + amp idk, it just seems that getting a starter pack is a waste of money if u no u're going to play it
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Try ebay to get a good price. The thing is you don't really know if you're going to like it. I got a squier starter pack for christmas and I loved it, so it only made sense to upgrade once I had an interest.
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dude, best starter bass I have ever played.... Washburn XB-100
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dont buy a stagg starter pack. they seem good at first, but then i bought an ibanez, which was much higher quality and made the stagg amp seem really crap.

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