Ive been to some guitar shops, and have been messing around with some LP's and Ive fallen in love with them, I love the tone, and it just totaly plays itself. Ive played some Epi's and some Gibsons most of the gibsons and way to expensive, and im still gonna need money for a new amp...so whats a good LP for under 1000, I really dont wanna go up that high but if thats what it takes so be it. I play alot of blues, rock and classic rock, with some grunge here and there.
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If you're dead set on THE Les Paul tone, Agile AL-3500 Prestige or Epiphone Elitist LP.
The best for under $1000 would be an Epiphone Elitist. You can usually get a salesperson to go down under $1000 for them. (maybe to like $950).

If you want a guitar and an amp for $1000, I'd recommend the Epi LP Plain Top. That way you have $600 left for a nice amp.
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Gibson Les Paul Studio, their like 1200 or 1300 new but if you know how to haggle, you can get the sales person at a guitar center to drop the price to a little under a $1000 U.S.