hey guys im sure this isnt the right place to do this but nobody was in the other forums so.

i want some feed back on soloing skills.

go to myspace.com/pangaeatheory and click the song Hot Chick new.

the singing isnt excellent, and the recording isnt super great, but its ok. so tell me what u think of the song and especially the solo. it was all completely improvised in the the key of B, the solo i mean.
I thought I was the only one... Dammit.
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It shows on the front page. if you post it in the right forum and post a link with it ill answer you
i would put this in Riffs and Recordings, original recordings (unless its a cover put it in cover song reocrdings)
you'll get more feedback
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well ive gotten more people to look at it here so far
I thought I was the only one... Dammit.