Is a telecaster a good guitar for playing hardcore because i see some bands playing them but some people have told me they aren't good for low tuning...so now i'm confused...so if anyone can straighten this out that would be cool
with the proper amp itll do fine I have a friend who plays with a local band with his Thinline Tele and it sounds really sweet.
Im actually planning on getting a telecaster soon!
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Some hardcore bands use them. Cody from As Cities Burn uses those 24/7 because of the boosted mids.
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i use to have a bad oppinion of Tele's i thought they were only good for like soft rock and country. but ive seen a lot of hard rock done with em Jimmy page, he did the entire first Zeppelin album with one, Tom Morello of Audioslave/Rage uses one alot from what ive seen. i dunno how it works for hard core but i guess any well made guitar had work with the right equipment.
It also depends on the pickups, not all teles are single coils.
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Some hardcore bands use them. Cody from As Cities Burn uses those 24/7 because of the boosted mids.

The Telecaster (or Broadcaster, actually) was designed to have as little mids as possible; so if you want mids, teles are maybe not the best choice.
The "hardcore" bands out there that use Teles use only ones with HH setups (humbuckers)...Typically, the classic Telecaster model is supposed to have a single coil neck and a single coil bridge with a lot of "twang". However, regardless of which guitar you use, the most important factor in determining your sound is first the amp, then the pickups..Just choose a style that is comfortable for you to play and at the same time appealing to you visually. Most importantly of all, try them out.

As for whether the Teles are good for down-tuning or not, that depends on how low of a tuning you are talking about..And it also depends on exactly which Telecaster model you are talking about..Squier? MIM? American? Vintage? Every model has different quality tuning machines and those are what keep your guitar in tune..So...the more higher end the model the better the chances your low tunings are going to hold, and vise versa. In the end though, you can always upgrade to better tuners such as those by Grover and Sperzel.