the boss metal zone mt-2? I want to make a good combination but I dont know which pedal to get now. I just but a crybaby wah, and now I want something else to give me more better sound. any reccomendations?
MT-2 is a good all around pedal. Loads of distortion however don't expect much in the way of rock or blues tones.. It should work well with a crybaby i would go for it.
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Better in what way? Are you aiming for a specific sound, or just trying to make it more professional-sounding? Few pro's use a MT-2, although it can emulate thier tones easily.

Tip: if you're not doing this already, but the crybaby before the MT-2 in your signal chain.
Of course pros dont use MT2's but youre right, it can emulate the top metal distortions pretty damn well.

However the metallic/digital sound from it will irritate you when you hear better tube tones and so on.. but it will impress if your a begginer, it can still sound really cool despite what everyone is going to post about it in this thread, go try one out see if you donmt mind the sound. If its kay for you try a Keley modded Twilight Zone, basically a MT2 but with a nicer all rtound sound and less scrathcy middles etc.