Hey, title says it all. Which pedals do you prefer, and if you like a certain pedal for a certain guitar. Personally i like the MI Audio Tube Zone overdrive, americans might not know it coz its manufactured in sydney, australia.
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My Gear:
-Epiphone Les Paul Standard plus -honeyburst with Duncan Jb/59
-Crate gt65
-Boss ME-50
Future gear:
-Vox AC30 cc2
How does that thing sound? Im in the market for a new Distortion pedal. I know its overdrive but aparently its cool. Anyway what kind of a sound do you get out of it? Name bands.

Oh and i love my BOSS super overdrive through my tele:-)
How good is the OS-2 vs the DS-1?

I'm looking for an overdriven tone and not necessarily the crunch/distorted sound
My SG > Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer > Boutique Overdrive channel on my Vox AD120VTX

Gives a nice hard rock or metal tone that doesn't sound like a DS-1 AKA box of bees.
I love my start into the rocktron metal planet when I want heavy, but very little can beat an epiphone casino into an AC30 running a small amount of overdrive from a Danelectro Fab dostortion (they are amazing, don't color to sound at all, its like, you don't hear the pedal, it just bumps the gain of the amp, only a touch creamier)
I have a 15 quid Dano FAB D1.
Amazing classic tone, very rich and wide variety of sounds... and for that price. Apparently the OD is better still.
It isn't built for a tonne of gain but you can add alittle amp crunchy disortion to it and it's works fine.
RATs sound great with single coil guitars. Tubescreamers sound good with almost anything if you have a decent tube amp.