This is my newest song "freedom isn't free" It's not a country song all though it may look like one. as you can probally guess it is about the war in iraq. crit for crit.

"Freedom isn't free"

intro: it's all there fault
they chose this fight
but at the end
at the end, we know were right

verse: look up at the sky
ask yourself why
risking there lifes for us
wish them good luck

chorus: you may not like it
you may dissagree
but one thing's for sure
that freedom isn't free

verse:we're gonna fight
untill they know whats right
they'll have the loss
we'll show them who's boss

outro:freedom isn't free
freedom isn't free
fredom isn't free

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i'm mean no disrespect, and i think it is a well written song, but, Canada got their freedom for free, i'm not dissing you, just stating the facts
it's not bad. haha when I saw the topic name I thought it was about the song of the same name from Team America
freemdon isnt free
no theres a hefty fuckin fee

"When we are victorious on a world scale I think
we shall use gold for the purpose of building public lavatories"
Its nice and simple but I personaly didnt like this much. The rhymes seemed forced and it didnt flow very well. Also, there were some spelling errors that put me off, (it should be "their" instead of "there") Sorry, I have an obsession with correct spelling
But I liked the overall idea and the title was good.
i liked this. good title, good stanza, and the lyrics are solid. there's just one thing i didnt like
"they'll have the loss
we'll show them who's boss"
it just didnt really get me. but apart from that, good job.